Termite Inspection

Our termite inspection determines if there is evidence of wood-destroying insects inside or outside your home.

Hidden Damage

Termites can easily hide while eating the foundation of your home. By the time damage is done, termite problems can cost you thousands of dollars.

Preventative Approach

Because the majority of termite infestations occur at or near ground level, our inspectors pay close attention to wood in basements and crawl spaces, window sills and frames, support posts, sub floors, supporting piers, joists, and wooden decks or porches, areas where concrete elements meet wood (steps, slabs, or porches, cracks in brick construction, expansion joints, or cement where termites attempt to gain entry), and wood piles and debris near the foundation including tree stumps, exterior basement window and door frames, and fence posts.

What’s Included

We inspect the interior and exterior of the home for evidence of wood-destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder-post beetles) and provide you with a termite inspection letter.

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