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Residential Home Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Before you buy, you should have a home inspection to avoid potentially costly repairs that would otherwise go undetected until they become even more costly.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

The purpose of an infrared scan is to find issues that may not be visible to the naked eye and catch them before they become a major problem. With the use of our infrared camera, we can help identify moisture, insulation, electrical, HVAC issues, and more.

Mold/Air Quality Testing

Mold/Air Quality Testing

If you suspect mold in your home, we’re here to help. We use the latest lab tests and analysis to detect hidden mold that may be in crawl spaces, between walls, and in other such areas of your home, to ensure you and your family are safe from mold infestations.

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Termites can go unnoticed until they cause catastrophic damage to your home. Whether you’re shopping for a home and suspect a termite issue, or you think your current home may be affected by termites, we can provide you with comprehensive testing, and help you understand your options for termite remediation if we do discover an infestation.

Gas Leak Detection Test

Gas Leak Detection Test

For as little as two minutes per gas appliance, you can get peace of mind knowing your home is safe from gas leaks- or, if a leak is discovered, take appropriate action to fix it. Protect your home and family with a gas leak detection test.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspections

Many homeowners choose to get a pre-listing inspection because it will give them insight into their home so that they know what to expect and can make repairs before listing their home.


Pool & Spa Inspections

The purpose of a pool inspection is to check the safety of the pool and make sure it meets state regulations. Our inspection process includes a thorough visual examination of the equipment and components of the system.


Sprinkler & Irrigation Inspection

An irrigation inspection involves a thorough evaluation of a property’s irrigation system to identify any inefficiencies, leaks, or other issues that may be impacting water usage and landscape health, with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing waste.

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